Pre-nuptial & Post-nuptial Agreements

The only way to guard your pre-marital and non-marital assets is through a contract that provides specific protections which are unavailable under the general divorce laws.

When two people want to marry and one of them has significant assets which accrued before the marriage, the main method of protecting those assets is through a pre-nuptial agreement. A carefully crafted document, which contains detailed provisions that maintain and guard the non-marital character of those assets, is one which will be upheld by the court in the event of a claim for equitable distribution in a divorce action.

Adriane M. Isenberg, P.A. has drafted numerous pre-nuptial agreements for clients seeking to protect assets that they wish to leave to children or other relatives from earlier relationships that pre-date the currently anticipated marriage.

Ms. Isenberg has also successfully reviewed and negotiated resolutions to proposed pre-nuptial contracts prepared by other attorneys. She has drafted post-nuptial agreements as well, which are similar in character and enforceability to pre-nuptial agreements, although finalized after the marriage has already taken place.

Finally, Ms. Isenberg has successfully litigated for and against the enforceability of these nuptial agreements utilizing her experience with all the legal remedies available in contract law.