The most rewarding aspect of practicing adoption law is having a part of bringing permanency to children’s lives. Cementing the bond of a “forever family” is one of the most wonderful areas of family law.

Adriane M. Isenberg has a significant practice in the area of adoption law. Adoptions often involve multi-faceted areas of the legal process. The journey to achieve permanency is often complicated and requires the assistance of an attorney who is knowledgeable and experienced in the over-lapping laws affecting successful adoptions.

Private Adoptions

Adoptions can be privately conducted through placements by birth parents with adoptive families. Our firm has experience matching birth parents with prospective adoptive parents. We welcome the opportunity to work with both clients who are looking to adopt, as well as with parents who want to find adoptive families for their children, whether newborns, about to be born or older children. Our firm can often assist birth parents in finding financial assistance during the process of their pregnancy and the birth of children.

Adoptive parents may have finalized their adoptions of children coming from foreign jurisdictions. We also domesticate foreign adoption decrees as well as finalizing the foreign adoption process.

Step-parent adoptions are an important part of adoption law. Our firm finalizes numerous step-parent adoptions each year. We finalize many grandparent adoptions as well as other relative adoptions of children needing permanent homes with family members.

Dept. of Children and Families Adoptions

Adriane M. Isenberg has been actively practicing in the area of dependency law since she first became a member of the Florida Bar. Many children become available for adoption after their biological parents’ rights are terminated in child abuse and neglect cases. These children are then often placed for adoption with family members, foster parents or other non-relatives who wish to establish a parent/child bond with them. Ms. Isenberg has represented numerous adoptive parents who finalize the process of adopting in the cases that begin in dependency court.

The area of adoption law in Florida is dynamic and ever-changing. Recently, the Florida courts have lifted bans on adoptions of minor children by same-sex couples or single parents. Adriane M. Isenberg is proud to have recently finalized one of the first such adoptions in the state. Additionally, the adoptive parent in that case was well-trained to deal with the on-going special needs of one of the children who was adopted, resulting in keeping a sibling group together in a loving and permanent home.